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Beyond the C-Suite

– for Senior Leaders

Beyond the C-Suite

A 12 month transformational programme

Does this sound like you?

“You are a senior leader in your business – you work hard, have great strategies, you’re productive, efficient, and fantastic at what you do, but sometimes you lie awake thinking “surely there must be more than this?

Perhaps you would love to dream bigger but instead spend precious time and energy worrying about children, elderly relatives, or struggling colleagues.  

Maybe you’re finally financially secure (and proud of it), and have made it one of your life’s goals – and yet you’re still striving to find fulfillment and meaning in the day to day (the stack of personal and professional development books by the bed says it all). 

You’re healthy, driven, and successful – but sometimes it feels like something’s missing: the beating heart of contribution, impact, and making a difference. A part of you knows you can (and should be) leading a life on purpose, creating a legacy, and have a presence in a bigger way.   

When your friends don’t get it, let alone your family, it’s time to find a new tribe.  

“Beyond the C-Suite…” is the first place to look.  

The Programme

  1. Beyond the C-Suite is a 12-month programme structured around the core principles of transformational leadership.   
  2. We bring you elite executive coaches, subject specialists, transformational experiences, and powerful accountability which will support and enable you to incorporate the four energies of leadership.   
  3. By the end of the programme, you will naturally and fluently embody the change you aspire to see and embed it in yourself as a new way of living and leading.   

The programme aligns with the Four Energies of Leadership.

Some of the great successes here at the WLA come from practicing the Four Energies.

Spiritual Alignment

  • Connecting to our deepest truth as to who we are, what we stand for and our purpose.
  • Tapping into and living from our inner wisdom and feminine power.

Powerful Relationships

  • Understanding the power of emotions, triggers and reactions.
  • Strengthening emotional intelligence.
  • Creating a trusted powerbase of support.

Physical Well-being

  • Looking after ‘you’ as a priority, not an afterthought.
  • Building Self Care Routines
  • Focus on Exercise, Nutrition, Hydration, Breathwork

Mental Resilience

  • Change your thinking and change your life.
  • Get rid of limiting beliefs and imposter thinking and embrace a positive growth mindset.
  • Focus on enhancing productivity.

A programme structured around the core principles of transformational leadership.

A 12 Month Programme


In Person Retreat

  • Face to face time together including dinner and overnight stay
  • Mapping out a compelling vision of the future
  • Aligning and integrating your intentions
  • Clearing out old beliefs
  • Finding your authentic voice
  • We complete the programme with a dinner to reflect on the year and progress
  • Join your peers and friends as we celebrate our successes
  • Set out a future direction of travel

Mentoring & Coaching

  • Tailored 1:1 support for your unique journey
  • A safe space to unpack what’s holding you back and what you need to help you shine
  • Breakthrough transformations
  • A tailored and dynamic leadership development plan

Leadership Assessment

  • Selecting from a wealth of psychometrics and off the shelf assessments to help you understand your gifts, talents and skills.
  • We will help you build your knowledge about your gifts and talents through accessing different leadership assessments

Leadership Curriculum

  • Live masterclasses and deep dive sessions on topics
  • Deepen your understanding, learn skills, tactics and approaches to enhance your leadership.
  • 90 minute practical sessions once a month.
  • Listen live or watch the recordings.

Guest Speakers

  • Throughout the year we will invite guest speakers and experts to share their knowledge and wisdom.
  • Ask questions, seek perspective and learn practical approaches you can implement right away.

Peer Masterminding

  • Join your fellow delegates for bi-monthly structured masterminding.
  • Bring your issues and challenges. Brainstorm options, suggest resources and create a plan for change.
  • Learn and support one another.

Accountability Buddy

  • Work with an accountability buddy to help you keep focused, on track and inspired.
  • The transformation journey is not always an easy one and doing it alone makes it doubly hard.

In-Person Initiation Event

  • Commencing your journey for the next 12 months
  • Mapping out your aspirations, intentions and goals
  • Meeting your new colleagues
  • Making the most out of the programme
  • Best practices and ways of working together
  • Join your peers and friends as we celebrate our successes

What your investment gets you

In Person Onboarding Day. Kick off July 2022£995.00
Person Retreat plus 2 Nights Accommodation£3100.00
20 x Individual Coaching Sessions Throughout the Year£4500.00
4 x Peer In Person Masterminding Full Days£3180.00
12 x Live Video Leadership Teachings£2160.00
12 x Live Goal Setting & Planning Workshops£2160.00
6 x Guest Speaker slots£1080.00
Access to over 30+ Leadership Briefings & Teachings£3600.00
Access to all live video replays£480.00
Leadership Assessment£495.00
Closing Dinner£75.00
LinkedIn Private communityPriceless!
Current WLA MemberMembers Price
(£495+vat per month)
Non WLA MemberNon Members Price
£6750.00 +vat
Monthly payment plan available

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